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Who sang lead on VU’s “Sunday Morning”?

Just a spacy comment…
Velvet Underground’s “Sunday Morning” is one of my favorite songs ever (#46 in my all-time list), a pretty moody song from an awesome album. I’ve always thought that Nico was the singer but I’ve been puzzled lately when I’ve read that Lou Reed sang the song with a falsetto. I don’t believe it initially but the more times I listen to the song the more I realize that is really Lou Reed singing. I found disturbing that this voice don’t come from the icy blonde German beauty but from Lou-Lou!!
Any comment? Was I the only one who thought that Nico was the singer?

Re: Who sang lead on VU’s “Sunday Morning”?

A steamy comment in response to your spacy one...

Although I never thought it was Nico (her accent is pretty distinctive), I think I had always half-assumed that it wasn't Lou singing that either.

Honorio, your post got me thinking about falsetto in rock generally. Obviously the Beach Boys are the past masters of it, but I've seen it done in concert three times in my life--Prince on "Kiss," Bono on "Lemon," and Michael Stipe on "Tongue." Those are very different songs, but I notice they have one thing in common:

They all make women swoon crazy.

Anybody else notice that?

(BTW, as an afterthought, I checked Wikipedia--apparently Nico WAS supposed to sing it on the album, as she had done in concert, but Lou insisted on doing it himself.)

(And that afterthought reminds me that a friend of mine who lives in NYC once saw Lou somewhere in Greenwich Village having a very loud argument with Laurie Anderson...I like Lou but he does seem prone to go into a snit sometimes.)

Re: Who sang lead on VU’s “Sunday Morning”?

Indeed a wonderful song! I always heard it as Lou singing with great subtlety, but Nico did sing it live on a number of occasions.

I like the way the Nico tracks are spaced out symmetrically on The Velvet Underground and Nico. Each Nico song is preceded and followed by 2 songs sung by Lou.