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Grammy Awards

Are the grammy awards included in the calculation of the lists for the AM site?
I think there's always been a real divergence between critical acclaim and grammy awards.
Like in 1980,Christopher Cross swept the grammy awards winning all four major categories - but with critics,never rated at all I don't think.
In the mid-80s,Lionel Richie won album year ahead of much more praised albums - I don't think any critics were talking about it as one of the albums of the year.
Even in the last 3 years - Taking the long way,Dismantle an atomic bomb,Genius Loves Company could probably all be seen as a bit suspect.
They just seem to give them to the biggest thing - not the best thing. Rarely is their song of the year actually the 'song of the year'
There's too many suspect choices to list but certainly over the years,many of their choices have been laughable

Re: Grammy Awards

Or they give it to the sentimental favourite - if some performer has died and released something which may be bordering on average - but you can bet it will win the grammy.