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Boys Night Out?

A friend of mine just gave me a bootleg of a bunch of shows Boys Night Out played in Canada, and they were pretty stellar. I didn't really know anything about these guys before, but I'm on board now. They've got a new album coming out. Has anybody heard it or know anything else about them? Do tell...

p.s check out their live show...

Re: Boys Night Out?

Wow, the same day someone signs up for the forums they promote a band. Coincidence?

Re: Boys Night Out?

Yeah, you're a real shamus jonmarck, but I'm actually just supporting a band that I like and that needs a little help. Why don't you go listen to some of their music, and get back to me?

Re: Boys Night Out?

Heard them years ago. I thought it was cutesy pop-punk then and I doubt I'll change my opinion now. That type of stuff turned me off even when it was popular, now it's just irrelevant.

Kudos to you for actually coming back to the board after promoting/posting though. Most just hit and run.