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The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

With all the new discussions, games, etc., this forum gets more and more interesting. It makes me very proud!

To show appreciation and to stimulate good writing here in the AM forum, I introduce the AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy. I suggest that the trophy will move on a weekly basis, where the winner of each week's *GOLD STAR* will present the winner of the next week's *GOLD STAR*, here in this thread.

Two simple rules to follow:
* Only the last week's *GOLD STAR* winner can present a new winner.
* To avoid that this will become a boring "Thanks for all the work, Henrik" thread, the *GOLD STAR* cannot be given to me. (OK, I admit I am afraid that I would never achieve the prize.)

And to kick off this thing, I hereby proudly present the first week's winner of the AM forum *GOLD STAR*...


Motivation: Not a surprise to anyone, schleuse's bracketology game is simply the best idea in this forum since Jacek's and sonofsamiam's top 100 albums and singles polls. Whoa!

Well, it's now up to schleuse and you all if the *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy was a good idea, and how long it will continue.

Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

Wow. What a cool thing to wake up to in the morning. Particularly coming from you, Henrik--I knew bracketology was gonna work when you posted a ballot. Thanks, man.

Per your instructions, I'll pass off the Gold Star (sorry, *GOLD STAR*) hot potato next Friday. That won't be an easy choice.

Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

Time to pass it on...I knew I was gonna give it to someone who votes on bracketology, but it's a very hard choice. There are way too many deserving people on those threads (I won't name names for fear of leaving someone out).

But the *GS* has to go to someone, so: for his votes and thoughtful, well-informed comments (which I don't always agree with) and for calling me out on his Rod Stewart thread (which has, bizarrely, morphed into a thread about his fellow Chicagoan, Liz Phair), I give you:

Harold Wexler.

To paraphrase Roderick D. Stewart, you wear it well, now, Harold, y'hear?

Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

Thanks, Schleuse. I'll do my best. Uneasy lies the head, and all that. ;-)

Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

"which has, bizarrely, morphed into a thread about his fellow Chicagoan, Liz Phair"

Sorry about that.

I think I'm at the wrong forums.

Shalom, y'all!

L. Bangs

Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

Time to pass on the *GOLD STAR* (for Robot Boy?) trophy. This was difficult, as it's been a pretty quiet week on the Forum.

The most interesting thread was probably the UK vs. US debate, which petered out fairly quickly. I had been hoping Moonbeam might jump in to rebut the negative comments about his man P. Rogers Nelson, but my pick for the new title holder performed an even more valiant service by rebutting - or attempting to rebut, at any rate - the "Brits are better" argument by offering irrevocable facts about the most acclaimed artists of each decade. He's also stimulated activity with his Last.fm channel. The next winner of the AM *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy is ...


It's been an honor. Good night, and good luck.

Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

Wow, didn't see that coming. Thanks a lot, I'll wear it with honor.

Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

I hadn't seen the US vs UK thread before! I feared it would be quite silly. Now I'll have to check it out!

Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

Time for the next *GOLD STAR* bearer. A week with little innovations, except for some state ranking which I find impossible. That's why the trophy goes to the person I think contributes to this site a lot, not only in the last week. This week we've seen the decades-argument with him being one of the main contributers and his brackets always sound insightful.

I guess you all know who I mean by now, so here goes. The *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy for next week goes to:



Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy

I *hic* wanna thank the uh...the uh... caterers for their *hic* wonderful shupply of refreshments. I humbly pass this *hic* this...this... shtatue thingy to our French newcomer Nicolas and hish *hic* many wonderful contribuzions with lists and all that. Now if you'll excuzhe me I've got a short date with a *hic* tall martini.

Re: The AM forum *GOLD STAR* challenge trophy


I don't know why, but last time I replied to this thread it became a new post instead so I hope it won't happen again

well, time has come to pass the trophy on for this week. I will give it for the fist time to someone who already got one gold star but deserves a second one for his great Obscure Overlooked Song Recommendation Game. Good idea to let us share our hidden treasures, and show the other side of the coin : songs that are not included in Best of Lists.
So, the winner for the second time is :


Thank you