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Providence Phoenix: 90 Best Songs of the 90s

Came across this in a search:


For those not interested in the accompanying text, here are the tracks:

"All Apologies," Nirvana (DGC, 1993)
"The Beast in Me," Johnny Cash (American Recordings, 1994
"Bitter Sweet Symphony," the Verve (Virgin, 1997)
"Black Ice," Goodie Mob (La Face/Arista, 1998)
"Block Rockin' Beats," The Chemical Brothers (Astralwerks, 1997)
"Blue Flowers," Dr. Octagon (Bulk/DreamWorks, 1996
"Born Slippy," Underworld (Wax Trax/TVT, 1996)
"Brimful of Asha," Cornershop (Luaka Bop/Warner Bros., 1997)
"C.R.E.A.M.," Wu-Tang Clan (Loud/RCA, 1993)
"Cannonball," Breeders (Elektra, 1993)
"Check the Rhime," A Tribe Called Quest (Jive, 1991)
"Closer," Nine Inch Nails (Nothing/Interscope, 1994)
"Cold Feelings," Social Distortion (Epic, 1992)
"Common People," Pulp (Island, 1995)
"Connection," Elastica (DGC/Geffen, 1995)
"Cornflake Girl," Tori Amos (Atlantic, 1994)
"Creep," TLC (La Face, 1994)
"Cut Your Hair," Pavement (Matador, 1994)
"Daytona 500," Ghostface Killah (Razor Sharp/Epic, 1996)
"The Diamond Sea," Sonic Youth (DGC, 1995)
"Divorce Song," Liz Phair (Matador, 1993)
"The Dope Show," Marilyn Manson (nothing/Interscope, 1999)
"Down by the Water," PJ Harvey (Island, 1995)
"Dress," PJ Harvey (Too Pure/Island, 1992)
"Elderly Woman Behind the Counter in a Small Town," Pearl Jam (Epic, 1993)
"Enter Sandman," Metallica (Elektra, 1991)
"Everlong," Foo Fighters (Roswell/Capitol, 1997)
"Fade into You," Mazzy Star (Capitol, 1993)
"Fake Plastic Trees," Radiohead (Capitol, 1995)
"Feed the Tree," Belly (Sire/Reprise, 1993)
"The Freed Pig," Sebadoh (Homestead, 1991)
"Friends in Low Places," Garth Brooks (Capitol, 1990)
"Fuck and Run," Liz Phair (Matador, 1993)
"Fugee-La," Fugees (Ruffhouse/Columbia, 1996)
"Good Morning Captain," Slint (Touch and Go, 1991)
"Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)," Green Day (Reprise, 1997)
"Greatest of All Time," Archers of Loaf (Alias, 1995)
"Hold On," Sarah McLachlan (Red Hot/Arista, 1993)
"How I Could Just Kill a Man," Cypress Hill (Ruffhouse/Columbia, 1991)
"Hyper-ballad," Björk (Elektra, 1995)
"I Am a Scientist," Guided by Voices (Scat/Matador, 1994)
"In the Meantime," Helmet (Interscope/Atlantic, 1992)
"It Was a Good Day," Ice Cube (Priority, 1992)
"It's a Shame About Ray," Lemonheads (Atlantic, 1992)
"I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone," Sleater-Kinney (Chainsaw, 1996)
"Jenny Ondioline," Stereolab (Elektra, 1993)
"Jeremy," Pearl Jam (Epic, 1991)
"Jesus Christ Pose," Soundgarden (A&M, 1991)
"Juicy," the Notorious B.I.G. (Bad Boy/Arista, 1994)
"Killing in the Name," Rage Against the Machine (Epic, 1992)
"Little Fluffy Clouds," the Orb (Big Life/Mercury, 1991)
"Loser," Beck (Bong Load/DGC, 1994)
"Losing My Religion," R.E.M. (Warner Bros., 1991)
"Magic Box," Helium (Pop Narcotic, 1993)
"Man in a Box," Alice in Chains (Columbia, 1990)
"Merchandise," Fugazi (Dischord, 1990)
"Midnight in a Perfect World," DJ Shadow (Mo'Wax/ffrr, 1996)
"Miss Misery," Elliott Smith (Capitol, 1998)
"Miss World," Hole (DGC, 1994)
"MMMBop," Hanson (Mercury, 1997)
"My Curse," Afghan Whigs (Sub Pop/Elektra, 1994)
"Natural One," Folk Implosion (London, 1995)
"1979," Smashing Pumpkins (Virgin, 1995)
"Nothin' But a G Thang," Dr. Dre (Death Row, 1992)
"Nothing Compares 2 U," Sinéad O'Connor (Ensign/Chrysalis, 1990)
"Oh Comely," Neutral Milk Hotel (Merge, 1996)
"One," U2 (Island, 1991)
"Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See," Busta Rhymes (Elektra, 1997)
"The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)," Missy Elliott (Gold Mind/EastWest, 1997)
"Ray of Light," Madonna (Maverick/Warner Bros., 1998)
"Rebel Girl," Bikini Kill (Kill Rock Stars, 1993)
"The Rockafeller Skank," Fatboy Slim (Astralwerks, 1998)
"Rock 'n' Roll Machine," The Donnas (Lookout!, 1998)
"Sabotage," Beastie Boys (Grand Royal/Capitol, 1994)
"Salvation," Rancid (Epitaph, 1994)
"Santa Monica," Everclear (Capitol, 1995)
"Say It Ain't So," Weezer (DGC, 1994)
"Seether," Veruca Salt (Geffen, 1994)
"Smells like Teen Spirit," Nirvana (Sub Pop/DGC, 1991)
"Song 2," Blur (Virgin, 1997)
"Sour Times," Portishead (Go Discs/London, 1994)
"Summer Babe," Pavement (Matador, 1991)
"Under the Bridge," Red Hot Chili Peppers (Warner Bros., 1991)
"Unfinished Sympathy," Massive Attack (Virgin, 1991)
"Walkin' on the Sun," Smash Mouth (Interscope, 1997)
"What It's Like," Everlast (Tommy Boy, 1998)
"When I Come Around," Green Day (Reprise, 1994)
"Where It's At," Beck (Bongload/DGC, 1996)
"You Oughta Know," Alanis Morissette (Maverick/Reprise, 1995)
"Zoo Station," U2 (Island, 1991)

Re: Providence Phoenix: 90 Best Songs of the 90s

JR, this list is already included.


Guess I didn't catch that the "Boston Phonenix" and "Provicence Phoenix" were one and the same. Me bad.