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Cat power

what a stupid name for a band... besides the point, is it just me or is "you are free" alot better than "the greatest". i got that album a few days ago. having seen it getting better reviews than "you are free", my expectations were very high. but so far, i'm quite disappointed. not even CLOSE to "you are free". Maybe it takes a few listens. i hope so, because i'd hate to think that's all there is... what does everyone else think?

Re: Cat power

Well, it's not a band, it's a person - Cat Power, for whatever reason (I'm sure there's an explanation somewhere, I'm just too lazy to look it up), is the name under which Chan Marshall has chosen to perform. Seems kinda pointless, since most everyone knows her real name by now, but she's probably stuck with it.

As for the albums, I would tend to agree that THE GREATEST is slightly inferior to its predecessor. I think the reason it's received so much acclaim is because it's much more accessible than any of Marshall's previous work, thanks to that crack Memphis session band (led by some of Al Green's guys) that probably forced Marshall to impose a little more discipline on herself and the songs. Give THE GREATEST a few more listens, though - like all her best work, it grows on you.

Re: Cat power

I love He War, one of my favorite songs of the decade. Nothing from The Greatest stood out to me like that song.

Re: Cat power

There are a lot of groups around nowadays with stupid names. Too many injokes and pet names and postmodern (i.e. lazy) creativity, like Neutral Milk Hotel.

Re: Cat power

Yeah, just so you know, i knew that cat power is chan marshall. it just felt too weird calling it an alias... Oh well. i will give it a few more listens :) i hope it does grow on me. i quite like cat power.

I agree with AJackson... maybe it's because i haven't given it a really good listen yet, but there just doesn't seem to be any standout songs. There were so many on "you are free".

Wow... "he war" didn't make AM songs... i would have expected it to be floating between the 1000, and 2000 mark.