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Dance Music

Time for another little opinion im gonna give.....

From my post regarding the 2000s people said things like its not all bad, and weve gotta wait til the end of the decade. Well I've been thinking more about the decade (or what we've had so far).

Being only 17 the 2000s is what i remember the most of. I take back what i said about this decade being weak, because when i look back on it there's been some great stuff.

Now i know this site ranks songs on 'quality'. and i think its done a very good job. But some of the top songs from the 2000s i havent even heard of.

If you're gonna give rank points to songs that everyone knew and loved then in this respect dance music is underrated. It is a very popular genre these days. Some memorable songs to note:

David Guetta vs the Egg - Love Dont Let Me Go - Track 1, Ministry of Sound, The Annual 2007. Older people may not be able to relate to this but for people my age everyone LOVED this song over the summer of 06/07. I'd hear it in every car and at every party. It was just such a cool song

Pictures - Sneaky Sound System, or the remix version by Ministry of Sound. A very catchy song.

Where the Party's At - Tonite Only - Ministry of Sound 'Mashed'. Also a cool song

I love it - Sneaky Sound System - Ministry of Sound 'Mashed'. This song sounds so good.

In White Rooms - Booka Shade
Rainbow Styling - Royksopp
UFO - Sneaky Sound System
Be Still - Kaskade

Some of these songs deserve acclaimed status i recon

Re: Dance Music

sneaky sound system - pictures... hmmm... give it another listen. i don't think it will take long for you to realise that it's actually pretty average.

you don't have to listen to me, but a "dance" artist that i've always enjoyed is daft punk. i think you'll like them. get discovery. excellent album :)

Re: Dance Music

Daft Punk was mad! One More Time is a great song.

Yes Pictures is a fad song, but artists still deserve credit for making successful fad songs

Re: Dance Music

I agree. Dance music gets a lot less mainstream exposure than it used to as well. Only about 10 dance songs have reached the top 10 in Billboard's Hot 100 this decade.

As for Sneaky Sound System, I'd opt for "I Love It".

Some other great dance music from this decade, in my opinion, is the following:

Kylie Minogue: Light Years and especially Fever and Body Language are fantastic.

Annie: Anniemal is perhaps the most heartfelt dance music I've ever heard.

LCD Soundsystem: While the debut was great for the brain, Sound of Silver is great for the brain and the heart.

Chromeo: I absolutely adore this band for their unabashed attempt to resurrect early 80s synth funk. Perhaps the most entertaining music of the whole decade.