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For a while now, i've been contemplating writing album reviews and posting them somewhere on the net... maybe i will when uni gets a bit easier. i've been thinking about what ratings i might give albums, in nirvana's case, it's 5 stars all round (except incesticide).

Bleach is probably my favourite. underrated? i think so.

Nevermind... i'm not a big fan of giving albums 5 stars by default... this gets 5, but not by default.

In Utero. i liked it better than nevermind.

Unplugged. Is it just me, or did this album make it crystal clear that nirvana were going to continue to make 5 star albums?

And that's what this topic is about. Kurt Cobain had said that the next nirvana album was going to be "jangly". REM style. Whatever happened to kurt cobain was, in my opinion, a huge blow to music. i want to hear more.

Re: Nirvana

I myself am a big Nirvana fan. For me Smells Like Teen Spirit is the best song of all time. And i am dealy serious. It's hard to find a better song.

I think though, that Nirvana is rated so high for its individual songs. I dont think any of its albums are particularly amazing, more that Nirvana have made some amazing songs.