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I acknowledge my opinions previously have been a bit harsh but right now im doing exactly nothing, and it hit me. What is so good about U2???

Can someone please explain what is good about them?

They are rated particularly high and i believe that this is only due to the fact theyve been around since the start of the 80s. I mean I do know a lot of people like them but i dont get it.

If you ask me Bono can't sing, and most of their songs are vague and boring. And they havent exactly created anything absolutely amazing yet theyre still ranked 15th.

Someone please explain........

Re: U2

Well what they did on Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby was amazing but yes I'll agree that since 1991, not much they've done is anything amazing.
But I don't think they've been overrated in any way.
At their best,their songs are some of the most memorable ever.

Re: U2

i like U2. 15th... yeah, why not. Maybe slightly high, but meh. i'm happy. never really like achtung, baby though. maybe i'll give it another listen sometime soon. don't like the idea of me missing out on good music.

Re: U2

That's interesting, Moeboid. ACHTUNG BABY is by far my favorite U2 album, and one of my favorite '90s albums by anyone. Until it sags with the last couple of tracks (IMO), I think it's one great, sonically galvanizing song after another. I love THE JOSHUA TREE, too, but not the same way. Whenever I feel like listening to some U2, AB is always the first album I think of.

Re: U2

U2 was never the most innovative group in the world, but if you were (like me) in college when Joshua Tree came out, it's hard to forget how amazing it seemed at the time (although I now prefer Achtung Baby and Zooropa).

I think the main reason a lot of folks hold them in such high regard is their live shows, which are impressive (and, yes, a bit overwrought).

Re: U2

Achtung Baby, Pop, Joshua Tree, Boy, War...even Rattle and Hum, they're a great band, and really easy to get into. But the real strength behind U2 has always been the management!

Re: U2

wow! alot of support for achtung! i feel like i'm missing out on something. i'm gonna have to put it on the priority list. (see, this is what this forum is good for. thanks guys!)