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Scoring in the final 1990s poll

As we've now done 1990-1994 and are half through the votings, I think it's time to go into some more details about the final poll in November. This is what I'd like to do:

100 albums and 100 songs will have been selected from the January-October polls. I'd like you to listen to as many of them as possible and then rank all the albums and songs you've heard. They will then be scored using a logarithmic function.

Example where 90 albums have been ranked.
Album 1; Score = log (1) = 0
Album 2; Score = log (2) = 0.69
Album 89; Score = log (89) = 4.49
Album 90; Score = log (90) = 4.50

The 10 albums that weren't ranked will get the logarithmic score for the average position, which in this case is 45.5; Score = log (45.5) = 3.82

The album with the lowest total score will win the whole poll.

As you can see in this example, the score difference is much bigger between album 1 and album 2 than between album 89 and album 90, so your favorite records will get a big push. How you order the albums at the bottom of your list has less significant impact. Non-ranked albums will get a better score than the lowest ranked albums, but the score will be far away from the score for your favorite album. To me, this seems like a fair treatment to the somewhat lesser-known albums.

If the log function seems difficult, don't worry, as I will take care of that in the Excel spreadsheet. You will just need to order the albums and songs as usual.

Re: Scoring in the final 1990s poll

Sounds good!
Just have to say that this 90's poll thing is really cool. I have rediscovered loads of music that I hadn't heard in ages, and even found some great stuff that I overlooked back in the day. So thanks for the effort Henrik!
Looking forward to the final poll!