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Musicians i admire.

Ok, so here, i'm going to post a few musicians who i admire. They may not be my favourite artists or in my favourite bands, they're just people who play their instrument well.


Kurt Kirkwood - Meat Puppets (strangely enough, he uses my most hated guitar: Gibson les paul)
johnny greenwood - radiohead (can't leave him out)
thurston moore - sonic youth (who ever thought tuning three strings to the same note had its advantages?)

beth gibbons - portishead (have you heard their live album?)
Kurt cobain - Nirvana (i'm not sure whether he's ever been recognised as a singer, but he deserves to be.)
jeff buckley (he really pushes his voice, but still manages to make it sound easy)
michael jackson (i can't decide whether his voice is amazingly controlled, or not controlled at all)

post some more!