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Favorite features of RYM

What are your favorite features of Rateyourmusic? I will always say that I prefer this site, but RYM does have some awesome features. Having a record of album ratings and reviews is wonderful, as is the compatibility list. However, I find the forum there utterly disgraceful with its elitist attitudes. I find this forum a much more balanced and respectful source of discussion.

I've also got a featured review over at Rateyourmusic right now for Chromeo's Fancy Footwork!

Re: Favorite features of RYM

I agree RYM's main site (with all it's features) is addictive. I've been on there a lot lately.

I haven't spent much time on their forums though. Can you give me an example of what you mean by their elitist attitudes?

One thing I have noticed is that certain genres (new wave, indie rock, death metal) get a lot more ratings than others. This leaves the other genres woefully under-represented on their charts, particularly the singles charts.

For example, take a look at their all-time Singles chart:

Notice that there's both 2 Joy Division and 2 New Order singles in the Top 10.(!) And an obscure Neutral Milk Hotel single as high as #17! I've got nothing against these bands, hell, I love Joy Division, but this is ridiculous, people! Particularly when you have plenty of Soul and R'n'B clasics that are nowhere to be found. (some of them don't even have any ratings at all yet)

So if anybody here at AM is well-versed in these genres:

- Classic Soul/RnB
- Early Rock N'Roll/Doo-Wop/Rockabilly
- Oldies in general (50's,60's,70's)

...and you've got some time to kill, come join me at RYM and rate some singles. It's fun!

Re: Favorite features of RYM

Yeah my main problem with RYM (RateYourMusic.com) is that current metal/prog-metal dominates the recent year charts.