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Your fav video clips!

I am very interested in ways great bands can make great clips purely through originality. Personally I am a great radiohead fan and love the simplicity of no suprises and karma police, both brilliant. Another great clip is OK GO here it goes again, simple original and perhaps most significantly cheap. Would love to know your thoughts on the best clip, not only for the money spent but rather for originality and for its ability to keep you watching again and again...

Re: Your fav video clips!

Probably Justin Timberlake - What Goes Around....Comes Around, 10 minute long, scarlett johansson, passion, fighting, car crash, its all there

Re: Your fav video clips!

Interesting topic.

I too am a fan of Radiohead's videos. For some reason, I picture them as a band that probably hates making videos, but in the end they mostly likely say "well, if we have to do these things, might as well make em' good". As for my favorites, well, Street Spirit is up there... probably #1. Jonathan Glazer's best video in my opinion. Then it's a toss-up between Karma Police, No Surprises, Pyramid Song. Really, they're all decent. And the funny thing is, Radiohead's worst videos are usually better than most artist's best ones.

What other videos do I like? Well, as ashamed as I am to say this, (and I say this with a staunch record of musical snobbery), I'd have to go with "White Houses" by Vanessa Carlton. First of all, I'm a dude, and I enjoy ballet as much as I enjoy a kick in the crotch. Two, I really can't stand pop music, and three, a fan of Vanessa Carlton I am not.... but this video just does something for me. It's not an amazing song by any stretch, but it's catchy; the piano playing is mediocre at best, but together with the dancing, it works somehow. Check it out:


Keep your eye out for the thing she does at 1:12. I can't do that, and I betcha you can't either.

Re: Your fav video clips!

My fav video-clips ever:
1. BJÖRK "It's Os So Quiet" Dir: Spike Jonze
2. PULP "This Is Hardcore" Dir: Doug Nichol
3. BOB DYLAN "Subterranean Homesick Blues" Dir: D. A. Pennebaker

Two interesting lists about this subject:

Re: Your fav video clips!

"It's Oh So Quiet" (I'm sorry, Björk)

Re: Your fav video clips!

Bob Dylan: great choice it is a great clip. Another amazing but somewhat controversial clip was the prodigy Smack my bitch up, I love it!

Re: Your fav video clips!

This thread begins and ends with Björk. Her videos are true pieces of art to behold, and the images she portrays leave an irrevocable impression on their parent songs. I can't think of a better video artist.

"Human Behaviour"
"Big Time Sensuality"
"Army of Me"
"All Is Full of Love"
"Pagan Poetry"
"Earth Intruders"

All amazing!

Other artists who have made a killing out of their innovative videos:

Michael Jackson

One few will mention is Faith No More's "Epic". That video was sublime.

Re: Your fav video clips!

Wow I just finished watching radiohead's no suprises and karma police, they are great. But my fav radiohead is just, it has a great ending watch it and you will certainly enjoy it

Re: Your fav video clips!

Basement Jaxx - Where's Your Head At?

Re: Your fav video clips!

A couple of favorites:
Boards Of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy

Aphex Twin - Rubber Johnny
That's some scary shit

Chemical Brothers - Believe

And Moonbeam is right about Björk having consistantly great videos. She seems to be dead serious about her visual presentation. Even the cover art of her singles is great stuff!