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I'm always seeing in metacritic Pitchfork is usually at the bottom of the review list. Why are they so strict with their reviews? They must get tons of threats by the artists that they've panned. I tried getting a job there but I doubt they like my taste in music. Next time they ask me to list my favorite bands I'll try to list bands that they at least gave a 60 which for them is like an A+

Re: Pitchfork

Probably so that when they give a band a good score (like Arcade Fire's Funeral (9.7)) everyone'll pay attention.

(I'm sure they don't really get threats because the artists they pan are the type who wouldn't take them too seriously anyways)

Re: Pitchfork

Having such strict reviews keeps bad music from reaching fame.

Everyone needs to remember that beauty is not in the eye of the beholder. People are making a lot of trashy music these days and Pitchfork tries to keep it from being exposed.

If anything, Pitchfork gives out too many good reviews.

Re: Pitchfork

I do like pitchfork. I trust them for new albums that aren't on AM yet :D