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My favourite album that didn't make the list

Nine inch nails - with teeth

I don't get it! Brilliant album. "All the love in the world", "with teeth", "every day is exactly the same", "Right where it belongs". all great songs. anyone agree/disagree? I remember one critic saying it was the best album of 2005. Doubt he was included though. Free publication haha. and no, i don't have the list. I haven't looked around to see what other people thought, but yeah, i'd give it 5 stars.

Re: My favourite album that didn't make the list

The lead single turned me off. It just felt phoned in. I wouldn't be surprised if the critics felt the same way. On the other hand I've heard many fans call it an unexpected comeback for Reznor. If it really does make a turnaround it won't happen for at least a few more years.