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Criminally Underated Song #1


I think this song (Along with Do Re Mi) showed that if circumstances allowed, the 4th album would have been another masterpiece from Nirvana.

Grohl's Druming has never sounded better, Cobains voice sounds as pained and raw as ever, the song is an evolution on what we expect from Nirvana and the lyrics are extremely cryptic and up there with Cobain's best.

Re: Criminally Underated Song #1

Talking about Nirvana only I'd have to go for Verse Chorus Verse.

I personally think Old and Wise by the Alan Parsons Project is the most underrated song ever. Truly a masterpiece.

Re: Criminally Underated Song #1

I'd say a Foo Fighters song. I think that critically they've always languished in Nirvana's shadow, but something like "Everlong" is just as good as any Nirvana song.

Re: Criminally Underated Song #1

I would have to agree with you about "Everlong". Thats should be top 200 at least, and the acoustic version is just as good if not better

Re: Criminally Underated Song #1

"L.A. Freeway" by Guy Clark.

Classic song about getting away from it all. Not corny. Great combination of resignation and hope. Top notch lyrics and melody. Well worth every one your 99 cents on i-tunes!

Re: Criminally Underated Song #1

Love the Foo Fighters, but I'd feel like I was cheating if I picked a song that's actually listed here at AM. I'd go with Blur's "Popscene." Just a perfect art-punk single.

Re: Criminally Underated Song #1

Killing Joke - Love Like Blood

Re: Criminally Underated Song #1

I always thought the Stone Roses - Elephant Stone was a masterpiece of a track but it seems no one else agrees.
Jeff Buckley - Last Goodbye as well.

Re: Criminally Underated Song #1

i happen to have 5

1)The Beatles - While My Guitar Gently Weeps (#402). For me this was their best song. Beautiful music

2)Jeremy - Pearl Jam (#254). Maybe a bit biased considering this is my favourite song, but i still reckon it's top 100 material. I think Pearl Jam have generally been a bit hard done by on this site

3)Under the Bridge - Red Hot Chili Peppers (#278). This song is unbelievable. I dont know many people that dont like it. Again definitely should be in the top 100

4)Kiss From a Rose - Seal. This song isnt even ranked. It is actually astounding. I cant comprehend why it isnt at least top 500. Best love song of all time i think

5)To the Moon and Back - Savage Garden. Again not even ranked. Ridiculous if u ask me.

Re: Criminally Underated Song #1

Elephant Stone - where do I sign?