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How many albums?

...in your collection? I'm at 535, all bought and paid for!

Re: How many albums?

In general, or that are part of the AM Top 3000?

Re: How many albums?

830, all bought !


Re: How many albums?

As of today's date, March 28, 2007:
Total titles (albums) in my collection: 1,501
Total Accl'd Music albums in my collection: 900 (including 654 in the top 1,000)
Plus I have key tracks for another 364 titles in the form of compilations (best ofs, anthologies, box sets, etc.)

This site has really helped me fill in gaps in my collection and expand my tastes.

Keep up the great work Henrik!!!

Re: How many albums?

Probably a little over 500.

Not counting the few hundred I sold before I was working.

Re: How many albums?

A paltry 239!

Re: How many albums?

I'm probably going to stop at around 300 with every record store closing every 5 minutes :-( How could we let that happen? Ipod=WalMart.