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Rough Guides

I was looking in the bookstore today, and found a book series called "Rough Guides," which were short books about essential artists such as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and Pink Floyd (those were the ones I remember seeing), and included in each book was a list of their 50 best songs, and I was wondering if these were included in Acclaimed Music, and if not, whether they would be eligible for inclusion.

Re: Rough Guides

Someone gave me a "rough guide" entitled "Jazz: 100 Essential CDs." I found major flaws in it--the writers evidently just brainstormed 100 jazz albums most people knew rather than those which are truly "essential."

Re: Rough Guides

The 100 Essential Albums by genre books are already included, but I wasn't aware of the essential albums by artist lists. They could definitely be included too.