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Top 10 Summer Albums: Our Individual Lists

This week saw the start of British Summertime so I'd thought I'd find out the best albums to be listening to when it's hot.

My top ten Summer albums are:

1.The Beatles - Abbey Road
2.Jeff Buckley - Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk
3.Pink Floyd - Animals
4.Pixies - Bossanova
5.Van Morrison - Astral Weeks
6.Stevie Wonder - Songs In The Key Of Life
7.The Beatles - Help!
8.Talk Talk - Spirit Of Eden
9.Judee Sill - Judee Sill
10.The Mama's and Papas's - If You Can Believe Your Eyes And Ears

Re: Top 10 Summer Albums: Our Individual Lists

It's a good concept-list but Captain, I don't really understand your choices..."Abbey road" or "Spirit of eden"...hummm. "Spirit of eden" is a wonderful record but it's more a perfect winter album to me.
So here is my definitive and perfect soundtrack for an endless summer :

1. The Beach Boys / All summer long (the best of all in this style)

Followers (in alphabetical order) :

The Avalanches / Since I left you
The Beach Boys / Surfer girl
Beck / Odelay
Dodgy / Homegrown (maybe my 2d favourite after "All summer long"
Dodgy / Free peace sweet
The Go! Team / Thunder,Lightning,strike
Hal / Hal
The High Llamas / Hawai
The Millennium / Begin
Mr.Bungle / California
Jim Noir / Tower of love
The Olivia Tremor Control / Dusk at cubist castle
The Pipettes / We are the Pipettes
Phoenix / United
Super Furry Animals / Phantom power
The Yellow Balloon / The Yellow Balloon

Add to this some classic great tracks like "California dreamin'", "Hotel California", "Something in the air" and "Happy together" and you sure won't forget this wonderful summer !

Re: Top 10 Summer Albums: Our Individual Lists

(1) Depeche Mode: Exciter
(2) R.E.M.: Reveal
(3) The Pixies: Bossanova
(4) The Cure: Wish
(5) Neutral Milk Hotel: In an Aeroplane Over the Sea
(6) John Coltrane: My Favorite Things
(7) Social Distortion: Social Distortion
(8) AC/DC: Back in Black
(9) Ozric Tentacles: Strangitude
(10) Man or Astro-Man?: Project Infinity