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Q 100 Greatest Singers and their favourite songs

Anyone know this list , which is included in the latest edition of Q Magazine .

Re: Q 100 Greatest Singers and their favourite songs

Here's the complete list:

Here’s the whole list:

1. Elvis Presley
2. Aretha Franklin
3. Frank Sinatra
4. Otis Redding
5. John Lennon
6. Marvin Gaye
7. Kurt Cobain
8. Robert Plant
9. Mick Jagger
10. Jeff Buckley
11. Liam Gallagher
12. Billie Holiday
13. Thom Yorke
14. Johnny Cash
15. Sam Cooke
16. John Lydon
17. Janis Joplin
18. Bob Dylan
19. Kate Bush
20. Carl Wilson
21. Nina Simone
22. Van Morrison
23. Roy Orbinson
24. Ray Charles
25. Ella Fitzgerald
26. Bono
27. Roger Daltrey
28. David Bowie
29. Dusty Springfield
30. Morrissey
31. Bob Marley
32. Paul McCartney
33. Rod Stewart
34. Stevie Wonder
35. Björk
36. Joni Mitchell
37. James Brown
38. Barry Gibb
39. Scott Walker
40. Jim Morrison
41. Al Green
42. Michael Stipe
43. Bon Scott
44. Joe Strummer
45. Elton John
46. Howlin’ Wolf
47. Freddie Mercury
48. Karen Carpenter
49. Patti Smith
50. Jack White
51. Michael Jackson
52. Levi Stubbs
53. Emmylou Harris
54. Leonard Cohen
55. Little Richard
56. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
57. PJ Harvey
58. Tim Buckley
59. Hank Williams
60. Bryan Ferry
61. Prince
62. Bruce Springsteen
63. Iggy Pop
64. Dolly Parton
65. Neil Young
66. Elisabeth Fraser
67. Frank Black
68. Antony Hegarty
69. Sly Stone
70. Beth Gibbsons
71. Tom Jones
72. Lou Reed
73. Dave Gahan
74. George Michael
75. Tom Waits
76. Paul Weller
77. Norah Jones
78. Mary J Blige
79. Dionne Warwick
80. Nico
81. Ray LaMontagne
82. Nick Cave
83. Ian McCulloch
84. Lauryn Hill
85. Don Henley
86. Horace Andy
87. Axl Rose
88. Ian Curtis
89. Richard Ashcroft
90. Meat Loaf
91. Harry Nilsson
92. Jimmy Scott
93. Chris Cornell
94. Laura Nyro
95. Smokey Robinson
96. Rufus Wainwright
97. Stevie Nicks
98. Whitney Houston
99. David Crosby
100. Jón Pór Birgisson

Re: Q 100 Greatest Singers and their favourite songs

Many of my favourites in this list (Smokey Robinson, Rufus Wainwright, Laura Nyro, Harry Nilsson) are ranked between #90 and #100, and I don't really understand why they are so low ranked. In my opinion, they are among the best singers of all-time with Roy Orbison, Sam Cooke or Scott Walker. What does Jack White do in this list ? Can someone explain me why ?

Re: Q 100 Greatest Singers and their favourite songs

weird list. I'm glad to see Thom Yorke and Bob Dylan but what's Axl Rose doing there? He's an unfunny joke. What next, Fred Durst?

There's Also a Worst List...

that went along with this. Anyone have that?

Re: Q 100 Greatest Singers and their favourite songs

there appears to be a lack of consensus on what the actual order is for the "10 Worst Singers of All Time," but here are the names included, possibly in the right order:

Ozzy Osbourne
Fred Durst
Celine Dion
Mariah Carey
Einar Orn Benediktsson
Heather Small
Yoko Ono
Nick Heyward
Bobby Gillespie
Any death metal singer ever


someone had said on another board that there was a top 100 for the worst list, too.

Re: Q 100 Greatest Singers and their favourite songs

Mariah Carey should have been on the greatest list! Love her or hate her, that voice is amazing!