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All Music Guide "music style" links

Henrik (and others),

Cheers for each album having a specific link to its All Music Guide review. I think this is a great feature!

On a related note, I've noticed that each "Music Style" has a link to AMG, but that in at least some cases the link redirects to the AMG homepage (rather AMG's specific summary of that style). For a future update, is it possible to adjust these links?

If needed, I'd be glad to help compile a list of the specific links.

Re: All Music Guide "music style" links

I haven't updated or added any AMG links in a long time. Since they changed to their new design, it's very slow on my computer, sometimes it slows down all the programs I have open. Anyone else who experience this?

Anyway, if you would like to make a list of corrections to all erroneous links, that would be GREAT! Thanks!!

Re: All Music Guide "music style" links

Sounds great. I'll plan to compile a list of corrections over the next month or so. When finished, would it be easiest if I were to post them to the forum (or perhaps email)?

Re: All Music Guide "music style" links

Either way. Thanks!