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KEXP 90.3 top albums

Does this list count?


It's a group list, and woxy.com is already in your file.

This was the PLUG awards station of the year (http://www.plugawards.com/general_vote.php), and I found this list while looking for an online stream to listen to while working.

The plug award nominees could count as well right? There's awards for best album/song, etc.

Re: KEXP 90.3 top albums

Jonah, I used to include KEXP lists, but found out (don't remember exactly where) that they are listener polls, so I excluded them. I wrote about this here: http://pub37.bravenet.com/forum/3172289350/show/576980

Late reply, I know...

Re: KEXP 90.3 top albums

KEXP is a great radio station. I'm glad I can get it on my car stereo. It used to be called KCMU and it was the college radio station for the Univeristy of Washington in Seattle. It was pretty good back then, too.