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it's a shame that there's no place for EP's on the list. does anyone have any awesome EP's that have recieved much less attention than they've deserved? i have a few

at the drive in - vaya
the rapture - our of the races and onto the tracks
wolfmother - wolfmother EP

all of those i listen to more than i the albums by those bands. i don't own many EP's so there must be more gems out there.

Re: EP's

I think EPs should be ranked with the singles.
What's a EP ? A 4 or 5 tracks release. It's nearly a single.
One EP that I've recently loved is the "Human body EP" by The Electric Soft Parade : 6 very good tracks, much better than many albums.

Re: EP's

Thing is, I don't rank singles either. I used to but now it's songs. From albums, EPs or singles.

There aren't many critic lists of EPs, and an EP list cannot be compiled here at AM without sources.

Re: EP's

yeah, i didn't think it would be possible to make a list up. shame though. vaya is an awesome EP. better than relationship of command i think, but fewer people will hear it.