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Chromeo- Tenderoni and !!!- Heart of Hearts

Gosh, I miss old school synth-funk. But Chromeo is one of the few bands to keep it alive and their new track "Tenderoni" from their forthcoming album Fancy Footwork sounds straight outta '83, y'all. Bop to this!


Another great new track doing the rounds is "Heart of Hearts" by your favorite impossibly named band and mine, !!!:


Re: Chromeo- Tenderoni and !!!- Heart of Hearts

I like that Heart of Hearts song. Given that we're into an early nineties music mode, !!! in their latest incarnation are reminding me of Stero MC's, espcially with that female R+B style vocal in there. Which is neat because I think !!! come from a scrappy indie dance punk background... a little poppy polish in their sound is an interesting direction.