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favorite Harry Nilsson songsHarry Nilsson

Harry always sang like an angel. His five octive range was amazing and until his death in 94 we were in close contact. He was a singers singer and always will be on the top of my list.
Without you
I guess the Lord must be in NYC
Coconut song
Jump into the Fire
Don't forget me
Everybody's talking
River Deep Mountain High

Re: favorite Harry Nilsson songsHarry Nilsson

I'm agree with you Bob !
Harry Nilsson is definitely one of the greatest singer and craftsman pop music ever known. He wrote so many beautiful songs. I don't really understand why he is so unknown and underestimed.
Here's my top 10 :

1. The moonbeam song
2. One
3. Living without you
4. Mournin' glory story
5. Don't leave me
6. Everybody's talkin'
7. Good old desk
8. Sleepy late, my lady friend
9. Without you
10.Open your window

I recommand to everyone here his album "aerial ballet" which is a pure masterpiece, one of the best album of all-time.