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Gang of Four

Am I the only one hear who thinks the worst part of the list is the top 20? 11-20 are at least respectible but as for the top 10: almost as bad as last year. At least everyone and their dog isn't trying to sound like Gang of Four like last year. I could not tell the difference between Bloc Party, the Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park, the Magic Numbers, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, the Shout Out Louds, the National, the 88, the Hold Steady, British Sea Power, Dogs Die in Hot Cars etc... I used to be the biggest fan of britrock and twee but 2005 killed it for me. Which is why 2006 seemed so much better. You could actually tell bands apart and the whole 80s revival craze is FINALLY fading out that God. This is why it makes no sense that Hot Chip scores so high. What's the difference between them, the Killers and the Sounds? Their music is dated. The synth revival phase is dead and gone. Why would critics get behind something that sounds like any old record from 2005? from 21 on though I think the list is as strong as it's been in a while. I think Muse got a bad wrap because American critics didn't like their political attack on the US. otherwise I completely agree with what Q Magazine had to say about their record.

Re: Gang of Four

I pretty much see your point but

"I could not tell the difference between Kaiser Chiefs, Maximo Park, the Magic Numbers, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah... British Sea Power."


Re: Gang of Four

My favorite part is when he includes The Hold Steady in that laundry list of bands. If there's a British band whose sound influences them, it's Thin Lizzy, not Gang of Four. All due respect, anyone who can't tell the difference between Bloc Party and the Hold Steady has kind of lost all credibility as a commentator on music. They have about as much in common as Burt Bacharach and Captain Beefheart.

Re: Gang of Four

Well fortunately Bloc Party has gotten better with proof from their new single. Too bad I can't say the same for the Hold Steady.