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The forum's top 10 threads

First, I'd like to say I am very glad that the top 10 threads became so successful.

However, I haven't started any new threads in a while now, because in the end I think other posts would "drown" among all the top 10 threads. If I will continue with the top 10 lists by artist it will have to be in another format, or at least a separate forum.

Anyone who has a suggestion of how I can do this
1. without building a forum/database myself (I don't have the knowledge today to do this)
2. without high extra costs
3. without advertisements?

It would have been great if Bravenet - within my pro contract - would let me have subcategories in the forum, i.e. a forum homepage with links to different subcategory pages such as "General" or "Top 10 Songs by Artists". I could even create a subcategory "Your Album Reviews" and a thread for each album for you to write in. Then I could link to those review pages from each AM album page. That would be something, wouldn't it!?

Does anyone know a webhost that offers forum subcategories?

I'm not saying that we shouldn't have any more top 10 lists in the forum. I'm a bit surprised that no one has started a top 10 thread on his own. Well, now it's your turn, go ahead and post your lists of Wire, Depeche Mode and your other favorites. Perhaps I will respond...

Re: The forum's top 10 threads

Well, I will miss the Top 10 threads. I’ve enjoyed a lot doing it, listening again albums that sometimes I've forgotten. In fact I’ve already done the Top 10 of Neil Young, Pink Floyd, Elvis Costello and Van Morrison.

Re: The forum's top 10 threads

Honorio, feel free to initiate these threads!

Re: The forum's top 10 threads


Re: The forum's top 10 threads

Has someone still sum up the votes for each "top 10 songs by artists" polls ?
I'd be curious to know the results.

Re: The forum's top 10 threads

I summed up all the top 10 lists in Excel until around the end of October. I was planning to present them all, but then it took too much time for me to continue the work. Now I'm giving you access to them anyway, just click on the links below to open these.

Would anyone like to update one or more of these spreadsheets? If so, you can then send them to me and I'll upload the updated versions. That would make me really happy!

The Beatles
The Rolling Stones
Bob Dylan
David Bowie
Led Zeppelin
Bruce Springsteen
The Who
Elvis Presley
Jimi Hendrix
The Beach Boys
The Velvet Underground
Marvin Gaye
The Clash
Stevie Wonder
All Artists

Happy reading!

Re: The forum's top 10 threads

How surprising it is to see 3 George Harrison's songs in the Beatles top 5 !