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Joanna Newsom Live?

Just wondering if any AM forum users have seen Ms. Newsom live, as she is playing Wellington in a couple of months, and am wanting to know if it is worth the time, money and effort. I love Ys and her 1st album (not so much though) but its a LONG way there.



Re: Joanna Newsom Live?

I saw her play an early sunday morning (1 PM, that is) show at the Roskilde Festival in 2005. Had no idea who she was before the show. It was a very low key affair, almost introverted, but fascinating in the extreme.

Re: Joanna Newsom Live?

I saw her this summer at McCarren Pool, Brooklyn, where she opened for Neko Case. She was mezmerizing!
There's this little girl, the huge harp and the incredibly long songs... and an audience that can't stop applauding.