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Top Singles 2006

1 Steady, As She Goes The Raconteurs
2 When The Sun Goes Down Arctic Monkeys
3 Everyday Is Exactly The Same Nine Inch Nails
4 Supermassive Black Hole Muse
5 Woman Wolfmother
6 Miss Murder AFI
7 Hate Me Blue October
8 She Moves In Her Own Way The Kooks
9 The Only Difference Between Martyrdom And Suicide Is Press Coverage Panic! At The Disco
10 In The Morning Razorlight
11 I Don't Feel Like Dancin' Scissor Sisters
12 Monster The Automatic
13 Dance, Dance Fall Out Boy
14 Original Fire Audioslave
15 Cash Machine Hard-Fi
16 Animal I Have Become Three Days Grace
17 Jcb Song Nizlopi
18 Rooftops Lostprophets
19 Dani California Red Hot Chili Peppers
20 Animals Nickelback

Top Albums 2006

1 All The Right Reasons Nickelback
2 Eyes Open Snow Patrol
3 Inside In/Inside Out The Kooks
4 A Fever You Can't Sweat Out Panic! At The Disco
5 How To Save A Life The Fray
6 Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not Arctic Monkeys
7 Broken Boy Soldiers The Raconteurs
8 Under The Iron Sea Keane
9 Razorlight Razorlight
10 Stadium Arcadium Red Hot Chili Peppers
11 BSO Curious George Jack Johnson
12 Twelve Stops And Home The Feeling
13 Tired Of Hanging Around The Zutons
14 Black Holes And Revelations Muse
15 10,000 Days Tool
16 Extreme Behavior Hinder
17 Veneer José González
18 Modern Times Bob Dylan
19 Undiscovered James Morrison
20 12 Songs Neil Diamond

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Are these critics lists?