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STYLUS homepage

STYLUS is revealing its top 50 for the year gradually, adding ten a day all this week. The site's homepage (www.stylusmagazine.com), though, offers a preview of what to expect near the top, offering a caricature of five artists. Can someone help identify all of them?

The one all the way to the left is obviously Kyp Malone from TV on the Radio; the one in the middle is Craig Finn from the Hold Steady, and next to him is Ghostface Killah. Who are the other two, though? I'd guess that the masked figure all the way to the right is supposed to represent Midlake (cf. the cover of VAN OCCUPANTHER). Who's next to Malone? Is that Yo La Tengo's Ira Kaplan?

Re: STYLUS homepage

The second at left seems to be the guy from the Decemberists, am I right ? Not sure but maybe...

Re: STYLUS homepage

Do the 5 caricatures represent the artists who will be in their top 5 ?
It maybe be possible, isn't ?

Re: STYLUS homepage

Number 5 (on the picture) is Karin Dreijer from The Knife. However, in the list Stylus will put "Silent Shout" at number 1, just like Pitchfork did. Go Sweden!