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Title confusion?

Is the album "Dizzy Gillespie With Roy Eldrige" at #1488 the same album as "Roy and Diz", also from 1954, or are they 2 different sessions?
(allmusic.com was no help with this as they didn't include a track listing)

BTW- Why don't we make this thread open to all questions about album titles? I know I might have a few more.

Re: Title confusion?

There were indeed two different Gillespie/Eldridge sessions in 1954, both of which are collected on a single CD titled (I'm working from memory here) TRUMPET KINGS BATTLE: THE COMPLETE DIZZY GILLESPIE AND ROY ELDRIDGE SESSIONS. It's not clear which release the Acclaimed Music entry refers to, but I suspect that the two are often either ranked as a unit or viewed as interchangeable.

Re: Title confusion?

Here's a mystery that should be cleared up: There are two entirely separate Charles Mingus albums titled TOWN HALL CONCERT - one from the same 1964 European tour that produced THE GREAT CONCERT OF CHARLES MINGUS, the other a fabled misstep of a show from around 1962. The Amazon links on this site show the covers of both albums, but it's a certainty that the correct one is the 1964 album on Jazz Workshop/OJC; that's the one that's ranked in the 1949-64 top 20 on the Fast N'Bulbous site. Henrik, I think you need to be precise as to exactly which TOWN HALL this is.