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I belive Artrocker's favorite album of the year is the Long Blondes' Someone to Drive You Home. Here's some more of their faves for the past year

the Bromhead Jackets - Dits from Computer Belt
Hot Club de Paris - Drop it till it Pops
Jeremy Warmsley - the Art of Fiction
the Blood Arm - Lie Lover Lie
CSS -Cansel De Ser Sexy
Erase Errata -Nightlife
The Victorian English Gentlemen's Club -s/t
the Young Knives - Voices of Animals and Men
Pete and the Pirates -Wait Stop Begin
the Hot Puppies- Under the Crooked Moon
Love is All- Nine Times that Same Thing
Controller Controller - X Amounts
Archie Bronson Outfit -Derdang Derdang
Towers of London -Blood Sweat and Towers
the Grates -Gravity Wont Get You High
*(Rodney Bingenheimer's Album of the Year) the Futureheads -News and Tributes
Foward Russia -Give Me a Wall
Whirlwind Heat - Types of Wood
the Polysics- Now is the Time
Ladyfuzz -Kerfuffle
the Organ -Grab the Gun
the Yeah Yeah Yeahs -Show Your Bones
Be Your Own Pet -s/t
the Gossip -Standing in the Way of Control
Sway -This is My Demo
the Artic Monkey- Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
Test Icicles -For Screening Purposes Only
Lightning Bolt- Hypermagic Mountain

Re: Artrocker

Is this an official list?

Re: Artrocker

This is their top 50 Albums from 05-06 but I just put the albums that they liked for 2006. If you want I can give you 05 as well.

Re: Artrocker

What kind of source is artrocker?

Re: Artrocker

They are a magazine that Rodney Bingenheimer and Nic Hartcort dedicate their entire setlist to. Tom Artrocker HATES just about everything but that's what makes him so appealing.