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New issue of Uncut

Has anyone got the Jan. issue? Is it even out yet? If so, does it have the films and books of the year and does anyone know where I can get these lists? It doesn't come out here in Oz for another month or so.
Here's hoping. Thanks.

Re: New issue of Uncut

it's no out yet, i checked yesterday. i'm an avid collecter of UNCUT, it's by far the best music mag around, well in the UK anyway. It'll probably come out neext week. When I get it, i'll tell you if it's got the lists in...

Re: New issue of Uncut

Thanks for the heads up.

Re: New issue of Uncut

OK, just picked it up. Top 20 films of the year:

1.The Departed
2. The Proposition
3. Hidden 4. Borat
5. Syriana
6. The New World
7. Little Miss Sunshine
8. United 93
9. Good Night, And Good Luck
10. The Squid And The Whale
11. Munich
12. Flags Of Our Fathers
13. Grizzly Man
14. A Scanner Darkly
15. Brick
16. Three Burials...
17. Volver
18. Capote
19. World Trade Centre
20. Jarhead