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The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Your thoughts?

I wish thy got a little bit more media attention... I could see them having a couple of albums on this list no sweat

Re: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

BJM is one my favourite band, probably the greatest rock band on earth since 10 years. I've seen them live twice this year and I've never been disappointed. This is the most overlooked band of these 10 last years. People and press seems to give more attention since "Dig!" but I think it's too late now because the best the band had to give has already been given during their peak in the late 90's. I first heard about this band thanks to the website "Jumping Fences" (which is probably with Julian's Rocklist Site one of the "father" of Henrik's Acclaimed Music site). The writers of JF were fond of neo-psychedelia like Elephant Six bands and BJM. But at this time BJM records weren't released in France so I had to wait until 2003 to purchase my first BJM record, "...and this is our music". Thanks to "dig!", all the albums are now available and I'm glad to own all of them
In my opinion, their 3 best albums are "take it from the man" (1996), "give it back" (1997) and "bravery, repetition and noise" (2001). If other albums are not great from start to finish, I would say that each one contains some gems. For absolute beginners, the double-cd compilation "tepid peppermint wonderland" is a perfect introduction to their works.

Re: Re: The Brian Jonestown Massacre


Re: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

Wow I've never heard of them...
That's strange