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greatest rock/metal bands and artists the world vote

HI ,
I am currently compiling a online list of the greatest ever rock/metal artists. I know this sort of thing has been done in the past but this list has entries from all age groups, from all over the world and the nominations will run for one year. Currently there has been over 1800 votes and the survey has been given a blurb in 4 online metal mags and a mention on 3 rock radio stations (Details are in the news section of the voting website). Categories include greatest band, singer, guitarist, bass player and drummer So why not put forward your favourite artists and see how far up the list they end up? You can vote by going to

www.clik.to/rockgods It is a quick link url so you don't need a .com .co.uk type bit and even don't need the www. bit, if the link doesn't work by clicking it you can copy or type it into your browser.

Please also pass this message or the url above onto as many folk as you can, even if you don't want to vote yourself.

Many thanks