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Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

Great Update Henrik. Well worth the wait. I just wanted to let you know the site lesinrocks.com to see this list. It was first published in a magazine and it is now available on the net. olly

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

Thanks Olivier. It's a great list!

However, it only seems to include songs that are available at iTunes. Then it's impossible for me to know which songs that were eligible. If I assume that all artists exist at iTunes, it will be unfair to those that aren't available. I know that Beatles and Led Zeppelin songs cannot be downloaded from iTunes and perhaps there are a lot more artists that aren't available. A while ago I excluded an NME list because of this.

Anyone who could come up with a "complete" list of artists not available at iTunes?

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

The list available on the net is quite similar in its form to the "1001 greatest songs to download right now!" from the magazine BLENDER published in October 2003 and the "1010 songs you must own!" from Q in September 2004. That's why I thought it would be allright to include this one. On the printed version of the magazine which came out October the 26th, there is no mention of the word "download","i-tunes" or "mp3" at all. In addition to these playlists, they give "le top 10 des singles des Inrocks" from the year 1995 to 2005.


1- Garbage: Vow
2- Weezer: Buddy Holly
3- Goldie: Inner City Life
4- Ruby: Paraffin
5- Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds + Kylie Minogue: Where The Wild Roses Grow
6- Clubbed To Death: Compact Disc Experience EP
7- Fila Brazillia: A Zed And Two L's
8- Foo Fighters: This Is A Call
9- Sloy: Pop
10- The High Lamas: Checking In, Checking Out


1- Daft Punk: Da Funk
2- Spice Girls: Wannabe
3- Underworld: Born Slippy
4- Noir Désir: Un Jour En France
5- The Chemical Brothers: Setting Sun
6- Diabologum: A Découvrir Absolument
7- The Smashing Pumpkins: 1979
8- The Prodigy: Firestarter
9- The Pharcyde: Runnin'
10- Aphex Twin: Girl/Boy Song


1- Radiohead: Paranoid Android
2- The Verve: Bittersweet Symphony
3- Daft Punk: Around The World
4- DJ Shadow: High Noon
5- Air: Le Soleil Est Près De Moi
6- Leila: Don't Fall Asleep
7- Aphex Twin: Come To Daddy
8- Janet Jackson: Got 'Til It's Gone
9- Tricky: Makes Me Wanna Die
10- The Wiseguys: Casino


1- Fatboy Slim: The Rockafeller Skank
2- Bran Van 3000: Drinking In L.A.
3- Stardust: Music Sounds Better With You
4- Cornershop: Brimful Of Asha (Norman Cook Remix)
5- Jurassic 5: Concrete Schoolyard
6- Beastie Boys: Intergalactic
7- The Little Rabbits: La Piscine
8- The Beta Band: The Patty Patty Sound
9- Roudoudou: Peace And Tranquility To Earth
10- Air: Kelly Watch The Stars


1- Mr. Oizo: Flat Beat
2- dEUS: Instant Street
3- Madonna: Beautiful Stranger
4- Aphex Twin: Windowlicker
5- Eminem: My Name Is...
6- Day One: Waiting Fo A Break
7- Basement Jaxx: Rendez-Vu
8- The Micronauts: The Jag
9- Patrice: Lions
10- Katerine: Je Vous Emmerde


1- Kelis: Caught Out There
2- Sugababes: Overload
3- Alan Braxe & Fred Falke: Running
4- Phoenix: Too Young
5- Wu-Tang Clan: Gravel Pit
6- All Saints: Pure Shores
7- Death In Vegas: Aisha
8- Isolée: Beau Mot Plage
9- Madonna: Music
10- Aaliyah: Try Again


1- Missy Elliott: Get Ur Freak On
2- The Avalanches: Since I Left You
3- The Strokes: The Modern Age
4- Gorillaz: Clint Eastwood
5- Outkast: Ms. Jackson
6- Noir Désir: Le Vent Nous Portera
7- Basement Jaxx: Where's Your Head At
8- Squarepusher: My Red Hot Car
9- The Coral: Shadows Fall
10- Destiny's Child: Bootylicious


1- LCD Soundsystem: Losing My Edge
2- Eminem: Without Me
3- The Rapture: House Of Jealous Lovers
4- Missy Elliott: Work It
5- The Libertines: What A Waster
6- Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Bang
7- TTC: (Je N'arrive Pas A) Danser
8- Ms. Dynamite: Dy-Na-Me-Tee
9- Radio 4: Dance To The Underground
10- The White Stripes: Fell In Love With A Girl


1- Beyoncé: Crazy In Love
2- The White Stripes: Seven Nation Army
3- Scissor Sisters: Comfortably Numb
4- Blur: Out Of Time
5- 50 Cent: In Da Club
6- Outkast: Ghetto Musick
7- Audio Bullys: We Don't Care
8- Dizzee Rascal: I Luv U
9- Eminem: Lose Yourself
10- Justin Timberlake: Cry Me A River


1- Outkast: Hey Ya!
2- Franz Ferdinand: Take Me Out
3- Kelis: Milkshake
4- Bloc Party: Banquet
5- Alter Ego: Rocker
6- Alan Braxe & Fred Falke: Rubicon
7- Hot Chip: Playboy
8- The Rakes: 22 Grand Job
9- The Go! Team: Ladyflash
10- TTC: Dans Le Club


1- Snoop Dogg Feat. Pharell: Drop It Like It's Hot
2- Arctic Monkees: I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor
3- Kanye West: Gold Digger
4- The Spinto Band: Oh Mandy
5- Gwen Stefani: Hollaback Girl
6- Sébastien Tellier: La Ritournelle
7- Pharell Williams Feat. Gwen Stefani: Can I Have It Like That
8- Gorillaz: Feel Good Inc.
9- Franz Ferdinand: Do You Want To
10- The Rakes: Retreat

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

I've searched the web and the only names that I found mentioned not being on iTunes are (or, in at least the case of Metallica, were) The Beatles, AC/DC, Bob Seger, Garth Brooks, Led Zeppelin, Kid Rock, Metallica and Radiohead.

Hence, I was thinking that I should probably go ahead and include this list. But now I can't find it anymore! Has it been removed already or am I blind?

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

It is located on the following link:

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

Thanks for the link!

Now the question comes to these top 10 by year lists. They are VERY similar to Les Inrockuptibles original end of year lists. For example, 2005 list has exactly the same top 10 and the 2002 list has exactly the same top 8. Even for 1995 - 11 years since their EOY list - exactly the same top 10 songs have been chosen, although in a slightly different order.

Obviously it can be questioned to what extent the critics have re-reviewed the singles from these years. I handle this multiplicity issue (the same opinion at the same time in more than one list) by giving lower weights to lists from the same magazine that come out within a 10-year period (the closer in time between the lists => the lower weight). For the 1995 singles though, both the end of year lists and this new list would get the maximum weight. I'm not sure this would be sensible in this case.

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

Just a quick note, as I've got to look out for Prince, that "Little Red Corvette" is not yet available on iTunes.

Re: Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

THE PAGE(www.lesinrocks.com/1000chansons/index2.html) HAS BEEN REMOVED FROM THE SITE.

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

OH NO! I just realised that I never entered all the French songs (I remember there was a French section) to my source spreadsheet. I think I saved a copy of the website to my computer to do the work later, but it disappeared in my computer crash last year.

Now when I'm adding "LE NOUVEL OBSERVATEUR - 40 Ans de 45 Tours de France (1951-1991)" I think several of the songs from the French section could be added to the site.

I tried to find the list at www.archive.org as well, but just got a blank page.

Olivier, Nicolas, anyone...please say you've got a copy of the list somewhere!!!

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

sorry to say I don't
this issue of Inrockuptibles is very hard to find, but I can look at the library next time I go there

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

I have this issue at home, if I remember well there is a 100 songs lists for French music, even though a few French artists can be found in the others sections (anyway, it is mostly electro artists such as Daft Punk so I guess you have already them in your spreadsheet).
I will paste that as soon as I can.

Re: Les Inrockuptibles - 1000 Chansons Indispensables

That's fantastic, Lonesome Panda! I would hate if the AM list would become biased just because I'm lazy.

No need to list the French songs in the other sections, I've got them already.