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The Great Rock Discography.

Just saw the new Martin C. Strong book in the stores. I think its been shortened down with less acts than previously. Looking at the recent albums of the last two years, I think he's been quite generous with his ratings. Arctic Monkeys, Kaiser Chiefs both recieved 9/10 inspite of the fact that both albums are nowhere near that rating. Kanye West recieved 7 for Late Registration even though its better than the two above. X&Y and Get Behind me Satan both 8/10 when surely a 7 would be more accurate. No Sufjan Steven in the book at all! I think the writer is beginning to lose his touch as I used to look at this book as a good reference with suprisingly accurate ratings. Now, like a lot of writers who have produced good books - Dave Marsh, Garry Mulholland - he's beginning to drift towards the middle of the road.

Re: The Great Rock Discography.

Saw the book and he excluded Dizzee Rascal, the Avalanches, Alicia Keys. Has anyone seen it yet?