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Band "Outstars" - need your opinion

New band "Outstars" from Eastern Europe, Ukraine, is recording it`s first album. Here I want to present you some track to recieve your opinion if this music interesting. Here some information:

The band:


Odessa - Ukraine - Eastern Europe

Dimon - (guitars & FX & sound)
Alex - (bass)
Val - (drums)
Mike - (vocal)

History of group:
Now it`s not important thing - what is really important for us to know if our music is interesting or not...


For your opinion:

Re: Band "Outstars" - need your opinion

my opinion is that if you want people to like your band you shouldn't spam their message boards.

Re: Band "Outstars" - need your opinion

Sorry if our post interpret as spam, but the title of the forum is : "Write about anything related to music!". Moreover we don`t want to please to someone - it is important for us today to understand if our music is the "right way" we are going.

Re: Band "Outstars" - need your opinion

Don´t worry about it, i´m trying to do the same. We´re recording some songs and have uploaded them to myspace and i´m trying to get people to listen to the songs and tell them what they think, things we should change, what they think about the instruments...
i´m at work at the moment so i can´t listen to ur songs but i´ll try later on.
you can take a look at our page and tell us what you think www.myspace.com/mymechanismo
hope to hear from you

Re: Band "Outstars" - need your opinion

Hi guys! We`ve improved our site: it is no need to download our tracks - you can listen to them online and leave your opinion.