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Beatles solo career

well well well...

I have heard besides the must acclaimed records of them (All things must pass, Plastic Ono Band...) a Lennon compilation and Paul`s last album. Is posible that the material in a compilation could be as good as a Beatles album?? (well not as good but entertaining enougth) example: a not so good "White album" of course without the abused of Jonhs songs, other way it could be too easy (i think)...

Re: Beatles solo career

If you took three John songs and three from the rest of em you might have a great album Here is my pics for the great Beatle Reunion

Side A:
Flaming Pie (Paul)
Crippled Inside (John)
Cracker Box Palace (George)
It Don't Come Easy (Ringo)
Every Night (Paul)
Tell me why (George)
Imagine (John)
Rock Show (Paul)
Easier for Me (Ringo)

Side B
Maybe Im Amazed (Paul)
I wear my Heart on my sleeve (Ringo)
It Gets Hard (John)
Here Today (Paul)
Jelouse Guy (John)
Miss Odell (George)
Free as a bird (BEATLES)

Re: Beatles solo career

Favourite songs from ex-Beatles :

John Lennon - "Jalous guy"

George Harrison - "Isn't it a pity"

Paul McCartney - "Maybe I'm amazed"

Ringo Starr - ?

Re: Beatles solo career

Come on, Dumbangel, you at least have to give Ringo credit for "It Don't Come Easy", one of the best pop singles of the early Seventies.

Favorite songs from the other solo Beatles:
John - "Jealous Guy"
Paul - "Jet"
George - "Beware of Darkness"

Re: Beatles solo career

My favourite Beatles solo songs, by artist:

George Harrison
1. All Things Must Pass
2. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace on Earth)
3. My Sweet Lord
4. Isn't It a Pity
5. What Is Life
6. This Is Love
7. Beautiful Girl
8. Blow Away
9. Miss O'Dell
10. Awaiting on You All
honorable mentions: "Behind That Locked Door," "I'd Have You Anytime," "When We Was Fab," "Dream Away," "Apple Scruffs"

John Lennon
1. Jealous Guy
2. Love
3. Mother
4. #9 Dream
5. Mind Games
6. Bring on the Lucie (Freda Peeple)
7. Grow Old with Me
8. Happy Xmas (War Is Over)
9. Gimme Some Truth
10. Instant Karma!
honorable mentions: "Steppin' Out," "Oh My Love"

Paul McCartney
1. Maybe I'm Amazed
2. Band on the Run
3. Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five
4. Let 'Em In
5. Tug of War
6. Pipes of Peace
7. Take It Away
8. Junior's Farm
9. Fine Line
10. Press
honorable mentions: "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey," "Your Loving Flame," "Here Today," "Arrow Through Me," "Mrs. Vandebilt," "Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me)," "Helen Wheels," "My Love," "C Moon"

Ringo Starr
1. It Don't Come Easy
2. Photograph
3. Six O'Clock
4. La De Da
5. Back Off Boogaloo
6. Weight of the World
7. Wrack My Brain
8. Oh My My
9. No No Song
10. Private Property

and the solo albums that I have heard, ranked by my preference:
1. George Harrison - All Things Must Pass
2. Paul McCartney/Wings - Band on the Run
3. John Lennon - Imagine
4. George Harrison - Cloud Nine
5. Paul McCartney - Chaos and Creation in the Backyard
6. George Harirson - George Harrison
7. George Harrison - Brainwashed
8. Traveling Wilburys - Traveling Wilburys
9. John Lennon - Mind Games
10. George Harrison - Living in the Material World
11. Paul McCartney - Flaming Pie
12. Paul McCartney - Driving Rain
13. Paul McCartney - McCartney
14. George Harrison - Thirty Three & 1/3
15. John Lennon - Rock 'n' Roll (the only one that I didn't really like that much)

Re: Beatles solo career

McCartney's Top 40

40) Hi Hi Hi
39) Junior's Farm
38) My Love
37) Get on the Right Thing
36) Big Barn Bed
35) C Moon
34) Single Pigeon
33) Listen to What the Man Said
32) You Want Her Too
31) Mrs. Vanderbuilt

30) Put It There
29) Monkberry Moon Delight
28) Dear Boy
27) Arrow Through Me
26) Coming Up (Live at Glasgow)
25) Wanderlaust
24) Girlfriend
23) No More Lonely Nights
22) Ram On
21) Getting Closer

20) Say Say Say
19) Let Me Roll It
18) With a Little Luck
17) Teddy Boy
16) My Brave Face
15) London Town
14) No Words
13) Eat at Home
12) Take It Away
11) Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

10) I'm Carrying
09) This One
08) Long Haired Lady
07) Band on the Run
06) Junk
05) Back Seat of My Car
04) Live and Let Die
03) Too Many People
02) Jet
01) Maybe I'm Amazed

His Top Four Albums

1) Ram
2) Band on the Run
3) Red Rose Speedway
4) London Town

Re: Beatles solo career

Yeah Stone, "the back seat of my car" at #5, good choice !
I love this song !
Do you like "waterfalls" ? It's on the album "McCartney II".

Re: Beatles solo career

I am not too familiar with that track. I did dig up my copy of McCartney II and have listened to it a couple of times today. Other than "Coming Up," "Waterfalls" is clearly the album's highlight. Thanks for the reference.

By the way, your Beach Boys top 20 was excellent. "Our Sweet Love" and "Please Don't Let We Wonder" are two of the most gorgeous records ever.