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Re: Jerzy Skarżyński "Unforgettable albums in rock history"

I'm surprised you actually took the effort to count the albums, Henrik. Indeed there is one album missing from the first list and it's Rush "Hemispheres".

"Jesus Christ Superstar" is the studio recording, not the soundtrack, if that if what you meant.

As for the lack of Polish or European albums (other than British) as you might have noticed this guy is a classic rock fanatic and most continental rock music wasn't like the one the anglosaxons were making. That's the best explanation I can give, anyway the list wasn't limited to English-sung albums, Omega for instance are a Hungarian band and they don't sing in English.

Re: Jerzy Skarżyński "Unforgettable albums in rock history"

Ha ha, I'm always checking every little detail! Actually the number of records is one parameter that goes into the weighting score.

Thanks for the clarification and I understand the comment about English-sung albums. But I really would like some other languages to come through more. However, I don't expect US/UK critics to make the foreign-language picks. It's the critics from the rest of the world that have to do this work...