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Questions For Henrik...

Can you answer me this...

How big is the gap between Dylan's Like A Rolling Stone and The Stone's Satisfaction?

And How far away is Nirvana's SLTS from Good Vibrations?

I think the top 3 should be ...
1 Like A Rolling Stone
2 Satisfaction (I Can't Get No )
3 Smells Like Tenn Spirit



BTW You really should have a donation section. I'd be more than happy to contribute

Donation section

yeah, that's a good idea. if i had money and a credit card, i'd surely donate. i love this site. i've discovered so much awesome music. so yeah, get a donation section up and running and when i'm not a poor uni student, i'll donate something.

Re: Questions For Henrik...

I would happily donate as well.

Re: Questions For Henrik...

How 'bout:

1)Greatest Individual Artist of All-Time List
2)Greatest Writer,Singer,Guitarist,Bassist,Drummer List

Re: Questions For Henrik...

Well, I primarily list albums and songs, and the artist list is basically a summary of the album and song lists. I'm afraid it will take too much time to dig into every artists discography to do the summaries you have proposed.

Re: Questions For Henrik...

Henrik: I may be a little late for this party, but how about an individual list of favorites by The Smiths and /or Depeche Mode?