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meat puppets II

of all the albums i own, there's only one where i'm not happy with it's rank on AM. Meat puppets II. actually, there's alot of ranks i'm unhappy with. but most of them are things like how DJ shadow's endtroducing.... didn't make the top 100. but it's ranked 101 at the moment so i'd have to be crazy to complain about that. but yeah, i just can't understand how meat puppets II is ranked 1002. i'd put it in the top 500, easy. i also can't understand how "plateau" didn't make the top 2500 songs :( anyway. just wondering what everyone here thinks of that album.

Re: meat puppets II

funny, now that you've mentioned it, i'd always considered MPII on a par with Minutemen's Double Nickels - thus i wouldn't've been too suprised to make out that specific record in the first 300 - but now i am: it's not. but.. well, it's still tough business to match that awesome Moby record.