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CD's? vinyl? mp3? cassette?

what do you listen to music on?
how good's your system?
what quality do you rip mp3's at?

ok, well i'm not old enough for vinly or cassette so CD's all the way for me. but yeah, i think CD's beat vinyl anyway. i rip mp3's at 192kbps, not because i can hear the difference, because i could hear the difference if one day i decide to upgrade my computer speakers.

at the moment i listen to music on a rally old dodgy stereo that'd been pulled to bits beacuse if i put it back together, it overheats hahahaha. pratty dodgy. but if no one's watching TV, i have access to my dad's pratty darn awesome stereo which rules. just stereo. no surround sound (i don't like surround sound... when listening to stereo music). but yeah, it's a high quality system.