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How Do You Arrange Your Collection?

I was wondering how everyone orders their CD collections?

I have box sets at the top of my rack. I put all the studio albums together which are above waist height. (I play these the most, of course). Below that, I have compilations then live albums, then bootlegs, then various-artist compilations and soundtracks, then singles, then all non-jewel-cased CD's at the very bottom. I find it looks untidy if I combine digipaks etc (which I avoid buying) with the jewel-cased ones.

This means that I have just four Smiths CD's in the main studio-album section, while their seven compilations (which I don't play as much) are lower down (in the compilations section). Lower still is "Rank" in the live section and I have a few bootlegs of them (which I play even less) in the bootleg section, of course.

Within each of these sections I order the CD's alphabetically by artist then within the artist I put the studio albums and compilations in chronological order of release. Live albums and bootlegs are ordered in the more relevant order of when they were recorded.

I also save room by re-boxing my thick doubles. The "white" album, 'The Wall', and 'Sign O' The Times' can be fit into compact 2CD cases (you can turn the front covers inside out and put them inside the back). Actually, the latter album is now available that way anyway.

I also collect my favourite album covers on vinyl then get them professionally framed (for about £50). You can buy cheap frames for vinyl but these don't look as good, mainly because they don't use glass.

Hope I've made this clear and don't come across as too sad.

I'd be interested to hear how everyone else orders their CD's, vinyl or whatever.

Alphabetical Order...

for the most part. If it's a soundtrack that predominantly features 1 act, I place it with his/her/its other albums. I don't have many soundtracks, but I place those together, along witha few various artists albums. Multi-set albums that don't fit in the regular slot in therack, I put together (alphabetically).

Re: How Do You Arrange Your Collection?

i didn't think anyone would arrange things using any method other than by artist in alphabetical order. interesting though. but yeah, artists in alphabetical order for me. with albums by the same band, they go in order of release date. as for compilations soundtracks etc. they go in with all the other CD's in alphabetical order by the title of the album.