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2006 list thread

Apologies if I'm the only one to whom this is happening, but I can't see the latest post in the "Preliminary list of the most acclaimed albums of 2006" thread when I open it from the forum main page - the only way I can see anything past Henrik's most recent update is to switch to the threaded format. Henrik, that thread is quite full (93 posts!); you may want to start a new 2006 thread to carry the updates through the rest of the year. Just a suggestion.

Re: 2006 list thread

The post is difficult to find, but it is there in the middle of the long list of previous posts. This is because it was posted as an answer to an old post, using the threaded format. The option to switch to the threaded format is now taken away, so this will never happen again.

The post (from LBoogie) was
"I'm a huge fan of Scaruffi, because I identify quite a bit with his philosophy of rating albums solely on their creativity and innovativeness, regardless of their "listenability" or "sellability". But it's only one man's take, so I really like what you're doing here with Acclaimed Music. I do hope that his lists are included very soon, if they haven't already. I'm a newbie to this site."

The answer, of course, is that all Scaruffi's ratings for the albums at AM will be included in the next update!

Sounds like a wise idea to start a new thread for the coming preliminary 2006 updates...

Re: 2006 list thread

So, Henrik, what do you think? New #1 for the year on the next update, or is it still too early to include it?

I trust everyone knows what album I mean. (It ain't Paris Hilton.)