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New book: 1001 SONGS

Veteran Australian rock critic Toby Creswell has just released a new book that should be of interest here. It's titled 1001 SONGS: THE GREAT SONGS OF ALL TIME AND THE ARTISTS, STORIES AND SECRETS BEHIND THEM. The book is unranked and highly subjective, but Creswell's a writer with cred (among his previous work is a history of Australian rock) and this list is worthy of inclusion. I think it's been available outside the U.S. for a while; does anyone already have a copy (and time to transcribe the list)?

I Don't Have It...

but, the full list can be found here: http://www.amazon.com/gp/reader/1560259159/ref=sib_dp_bod_bc/104-9684343-9142310?ie=UTF8&p=S0OM#

Choose Index on the left side of the screen, and if you're careful, you can scroll through the full index of songs. :)


you don't have to be that careful- just move the scroller down the page once you're at the Index. :)

Re: New book: 1001 SONGS

Wow! Great stuff! Of course this will be included!

Re: New book: 1001 SONGS

... but, it'll be included in the update _after_ the next one, right, Henrik? You're not going to delay the update that might be coming this week in order to include this list, are you?

BTW, it's amazing that the entire index can be posted like that. Just wanted to say that.

Re: New book: 1001 SONGS

Because of this list, there will be another month's delay, and it's your fault!

OK, so not to worry anyone, this smiley really means that I am joking.