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Question about AM rank of 2006 albums

Thanks for being upfront about the delayed update, Henrik. A longer wait is a small (OK, maybe not so small) price to pay for the promise of an eventual comprehensive update that clears out as much of the backlog as possible.

I have a question. I'm very curious about where the 2006 albums, based on your most recent weekly update, would be slotted if you were posting the full update now. I'm not interested in specific ranks at the moment (mostly because that would just stoke too much curiosity about too many other albums!); but would it be possible for you to post just a general breakdown of how many of the 2006 albums would be in the current top 500-1000-2000-2500?

Re: Question about AM rank of 2006 albums

I cannot do this right now, but I could include rough placings in the coming preliminary updates for those albums that would make the top 2500.

Re: Question about AM rank of 2006 albums

Sounds good. Looking forward to it.