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The White Stripes

How come Get Behind Me Satan is the third highest ranked White Stripes album? Their first two dont even feature in the top 2500 but GBMS is at 643. Overrated?

Re: The White Stripes

That's because no one heard White Stripes' first two albums when they came out, and therefore weren't included in any end of year lists. But at least De Stijl has been included in a few best of the 2000s lists. It will probably enter the AM top 2500 in the near future.

Re: The White Stripes

I, for one, have yet to listen to anything from the first two White Stripes albums, but I can recognize half the tracks from GBMS. The first two just didn't make a big enough splash to get mainstream attention. They'll have to wait for people to rediscover them after they're done with the stripes' current material.