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Re: Screenagers.pl 100 Best Album Of The 1980s

This is a Polish list, Rocky Raccoon. So the lack of rap is perhaps understandable. Rap is a very lyrics oriented genre of music, and if English isn't your primary language, even if you can speak it well, chances are you won't enjoy it quite as much, plus in Poland you can hardly relate to what they're rapping about. As for women other than Madonna I can't think of any that would belong on such a list.

Re: Screenagers.pl 100 Best Album Of The 1980s

For the sake of comparison, here are all the female artists that rank in the top 100 for the decade on acclaimed music. [this includes bands with female members, I might have missed a few, this was from the top of my head.]

5. Talking Heads- Remain in Light
12. Pixies- Doolittle
15. Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation
17. Pixies- Surfer Rosa
25. Pretenders- Pretenders
31. Human League- Dare!
40. The Pogues- Rum, Sodomy and the Lash
41. Kate Bush- Hounds of Love
42. Richard and Linda Thompson- Shoot Out the Lights
43. New Order- Technique
54. Madonna- Like a Prayer
56. Tracy Chapman- Tracy Chapman
61. X- Los Angeles
68. New Order- Low Life
84. X- Wild Gift
92. Tina Turner- Tiny Dancer

There are 16 total, of course of those 16 only 5 had a female member who was the driving force behind the artist/band [25, 41, 54, 56, 92]. So perhaps the 80's really wasn't the best decade for women?

Still, I would have like to have seen more rap. I'm sure the language barrier counts for quite a bit, but how does that explain the absence of artists like De La Soul, who were often times melodic and experimental with their music? I mean, they had the Beastie Boys, who are probably the closest artist to De La Soul stylistically.

Overall though, I like the list.

Re: Screenagers.pl 100 Best Album Of The 1980s

I fully understand your point about hip-hop records, a few of them would do the list good, but the first thing is what Jacek said and the second thing is that screenagers is a very guitar-indie-oriented source, so it comes as no surprise that it concentrates on post-punk acts rather than Madonna or De La Soul.

Re: Screenagers.pl 100 Best Album Of The 1980s

Although it would could be healthy for Screenagers' writers to broaden their taste a bit, I don't think they should pretend to be anything else than a guitar-indie oriented webzine if that's what they like.

And if we talk about a wider taste we should talk about Astor Piazzolla and King Sunny Adé as much as we talk about Public Enemy and De La Soul.

Thanks ka!


I have made posts that didn't include Madonna, but since she is about as big as they come in terms of influence and being celebrated, why not talk about her a lot?

Jacek, you may not be a big fan of Madge, but surely you recnognixe that Like a Prayer is one of the 80s acclaimed efforts.

Re: Screenagers.pl 100 Best Album Of The 1980s

asking jr to not talk about madonna would be like asking him to stop peeing.

anyway, this is like most critics lists; male and white.

Re: Screenagers.pl 100 Best Album Of The 1980s

Well, I actually like "Like a Prayer" a lot, was in my top100 in last year's poll I think. If you read carefully you will notice I wrote "Women other than Madonna". Also I meant women who are not already on the list.

Re: Screenagers.pl 100 Best Album Of The 1980s

I would rank Edie Brickell and New Bohemians SHOOTING RUBBERBANDS AT THE STARS as one of these. And it's also a woman fronted band...that isn't Madonna.

Re: Screenagers.pl 100 Best Album Of The 1980s

There's a lot of great stuff near the top of the list, but where the hell are the Pixies?

Re: Screenagers.pl 100 Best Album Of The 1980s

Um, the Pixies are at #6 and #22, respectively...