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Re: Report errors here

Pitchfork's lists were all moved, none of the old links are working.

Re: Report errors here

Henrik, in looking up the cast album from HAIR, I noticed that, since HAIR and the original WEST SIDE STORY album are both credited to "the original Broadway cast", The Original Broadway Cast has been transformed into an artist and has landed at #565 on the artist list. This should probably be corrected.

Re: Report errors here

Jacek, Harold, thanks for your comments.

Re: Report errors here

The Flaming Lips: Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots (no robot)

Thank you for yor excelent www

Re: Report errors here

Here's another one, actually.

Arctic Monkeys' overhyped debut is titled
Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not
as opposed to
Whatever They Say I Am, That's What I'm Not

I'll just slowly report these as I find them. Can you tell I look at your site a lot?

Re: Report errors here

The Rolling Stone(Mexico) list for the 100 greatest albums of all time(2004) has many albums with the same placement at #11. My guess is that these are albums 11-100.

Also, I noticed you placed Ontario as being part of the US, it's actually part of Canada.

Re: Report errors here

Well, there is an Ontario in California. I don't where that list came from, but it's possible that it's Ontario in the U.S.

Re: Report errors here

I think Keith meant that I erroneously categorized Bryan Adams under "USA (Ontario)" when it should be Canada. Thanks Keith for the correction.

Re the Mexican RS list, you're correct that the albums at place 11 were listed without order at place 11-100. But I need to give each album a fix number in order to perform my calculations, so therefore I will not change this.

Re: Report errors here

If I had actually looked at the mexican list prior
to posting the "error" I would have seen that #'s 11-100 were not listed in order. I was just going by the reviews listed for each album.

What I meant by the Ontario thing is that Ontario is a canadian province and not a US state. Where you categorize Bryan Adams makes no difference to me.